May 30

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Author Terron James

Insight by Terron James

Insight by Terron James

Today, I’d like to welcome Author Terron James as my guest. You can read my review of his epic fantasy, Insight, here.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know you, Terron!

Thank you, Shelli. Here are ten things you might not know about me.

1. My two most favorite foods in the whole wide world are cheese balls and gummy bears, but there’s a catch. The cheese balls must be out of a big, plastic bucket, and the gummy bears must be Black Forest brand. Nothing else is acceptable in either case.

2. I am allergic to grass. Seriously. Hives, swollen eyes, etc. Mowing my lawn is the absolute bane of my existence. During recess in elementary school, I’d pity the fool who decided to stuff grass down my shirt… not because I’d beat them up. No, I was much too much of a pipsqueak for that. They’d just have to watch me run around frantically, squealing like a little girl while I tried to get the grass out of my shirt. Hmm… that actually sounds rather entertaining to watch. Perhaps that’s why so many people did it, and usually amongst a big crowd of their friends. *sigh*

3. I suffer from CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are alphabetized like they should be.

4. I am six feet tall and I wear a men’s size 8 shoe.

Terron James in South Pacific

Terron James in South Pacific

5. I played Luther Billis in South Pacific my senior year. We’d all run around the stage in bare feet, and many of the girls told me my feet were “so cute!” (reference fact #4). Fortunately, I never received compliments for looking good in a coconut bra.

6. My favorite writing times are between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM. So peaceful, so quiet, and distractions are non-existent (once you get past the I’m-so-tired-I-could-die phase).

7. I am a soundtrack junkie, and I’m talking about original scores, which I refer to as modern classical music. I own hundreds of movie and video game soundtracks. Of them all, Harry Gregson Williams is the very best. Unlike composers like John Williams, whose music is good, but easily identifiable, Harry Gregson William’s compositions are all very unique to each movie. I’ve never heard anything by him that has disappointed me.

8. I have never experienced writer’s block. I attribute this to one big reason. Music. With the write music (yes, WRITE music), I can power through all kinks in my desire to craft or ability to plan. And there can’t be any words in the music, or else I find myself wanting to sing along. Now you understand why I love soundtracks so much!

9. I am balding. Those who knew me growing up will be especially surprised by this fact. Back then, my hair was CRAZY thick! When I shaved it short, people used to call me velcro head, and for fitting reasons. That used to be one of my party tricks.

10. Despite many attempts to reveal itself through grade school, my unquenchable desire to write didn’t manifest itself until 2008. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop obsessing over it (see fact #3). Thankfully, my wife and four sons are unbelievably supportive.

Don’t forget to check out his book, Insight, the first in the Beholder series.

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