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$5 Family Fun by Meggan Spicer

$5 Family Fun e-Book Cover jpg versionDoing fun activities with the family gets expensive, but now with Meggan’s $5 Family Fun, you can make, bake, and do incredibly fun things with your young family for under $5. Using dollar store finds, free local services, generic bands, and common household items, you can make every day an adventure. Gather your whole family together for inexpensive family fun activities and memories that last forever.

My Review:

As the mother of six kids, I was always looking for ways to engage them in fun activities. This book includes 50 different activities all in one place. I liked that the book was organized first by holiday, with additional activities following. I also appreciated that there was a nice variety to choose from, and I found the instructions easy to follow. Two of my favorite activities are explained below.

Easter - Carrot PatchCarrot Patch – $4

You don’t have to have a green thumb to make this garden grow. Let the kids help you make this tasty and adorable carrot patch dessert. You can make your garden bed(s) as big or small as you like. You can make one larger one for the whole family or you can each make your own individual carrot gardens.


Vanilla or Chocolate Wafer Cookies from dollar store – $1

Chocolate Crème-Filled Cookies from dollar store – $1

White Icing from dollar store – $1

Mike & Ike® boxed candy from dollar store – $1

2 Household Baggies from the kitchen – $0


Fill one baggie with white icing and then snip one corner to create a pastry bag.

On a plate, build your raised garden bed by bonding the wafer cookies together with the icing.

Lay more wafer cookies down to create a floor to your garden bed.

To create your dirt, fill the second baggie with chocolate crème-filled cookies, seal and crush with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Liberally fill the garden bed with the crushed cookies.

Make the carrots, first by taking green Mike & Ike candies and snip them into smaller pieces with kitchen shears or thoroughly washed household scissors to create the carrot tops. The now exposed inside of the candy will be sticky in texture and you can just press it firmly onto the top of orange Mike & Ike candies that will serve as the carrots.

Gently insert your finished candy carrots into your crumbled cookie dirt.

Marbelized Eggs6

Marbleized Eggs – $4

These marbleized eggs are both pretty and pretty easy to make. Plan ahead though as this project needs to sit overnight.


Dozen Eggs (generic brand) from grocery store – $2

Shaving Crème from dollar store – $1

Liquid Food Coloring (4-pack of red, green, blue & yellow) from starter kit- $0

Toothpicks from dollar store – $1


Boil eggs in a slow rolling boil for 10 minutes until hard boiled. Immediate drain hot water off eggs cool down eggs with a combination of cold water and ice.

Marbelized Eggs2

Fill a cooking dish with a thin layer of shaving crème. Place drops of food coloring in a variety of colors mixtures into the shaving crème and then swirl the colors into the shaving crème with a toothpick. For additional color options, see color guide at the bottom of this chapter.

Marbelized Eggs4With kitchen tongs, roll the now cooled and dried eggs in the streaked shaving crème until thoroughly covered on all sides.

Place on a wire cake rack or if you don’t have one, use a sheet of wax paper.

For a different color combination, wash out your shaving crème dish and start over fresh.

Let finished eggs dry overnight and then wipe off remaining shaving crème the next day with a paper towel. Handle with care though as color from the food coloring can wear off slightly onto your hands.

Marbelized Eggs5Blended Color Guide:

Purple – 3 red drops + 2 blue drops

Lime Green – 3 yellow drops + 1 green drop

Orange – 2 red drops + 3 yellow drops

Sea Green – 1 yellow drop + 2 blue drops

Peach – 1 red drop + 2 yellow drops

$5 Family Fun the e-Book can be found on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books & Things. Connect with Meggan at:
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