Nov 13

52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon

The Answer Lies within the Question

John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox bring to life 52 thought-provoking questions that are found in the Book of Mormon.

52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon

52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon

Can a question change your life? Elder Tad R. Callister said, “The power of a good question is of inestimable worth. It is like an…alarm clock that awakens us out of our mental doldrums. It is a catalyst that jump-starts our mental engines.”

In their new book, 52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon, John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox explore a wide range of topics that begin with a question, including:

  • Do you look forward with an eye of faith?

  • Are we not all beggars?

  • Have miracles ceased?

  • Have ye spiritually been born of God?

  • Have we not great reason to rejoice?

The authors note that Joseph Smith stated that people would get nearer to God through reading the Book of Mormon than through any other book. They also suggest that one short chapter each week in a year while pondering these inspired questions will propel readers forward to attain that goal.


I was very excited to receive this book. When I took a look at the first few chapters, I realized that the format was perfect for Family Home Evening lessons. Each chapter contains insight about a question from the Book of Mormon and illustrates it with personal stories. After discussing it with my husband, we decided that we would use the book for FHE for the next year.

My 11-year-old son gave the first lesson on the chapter “Wherefore can ye doubt?” He presented a very thoughtful lesson, and he bore a sweet testimony at the end of it of those things that he knows to be true and that can help him to have faith when doubts arise.

The following week, my husband gave the lesson from the chapter “Shall we not be diligent in keeping the commandments of the Lord?” Our family engaged in a deep discussion about the atonement, obedience, and the relationship between faith and works. We could feel the Spirit strongly, and I believe that all of us gained new insight and understanding. It was really a great experience.

This week, I will be teaching from the chapter “How is that ye have forgotten?” It is a chapter that encourages us to remember the great blessings that we have received, even (or perhaps, especially) during times of trial and difficulty. I think it is a great lesson for me, personally, as I currently struggle with a chronic illness. I also think the timing is perfect, as it brings us to focus on our blessings as we approach Thanksgiving.

This is an excellent book, and I do believe that it will be life-changing for me and the members of my family. I believe that it will help us to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ on a deeper level, and that our testimonies will grow from it.

52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon is available at Deseret Book and other select retailers.

About the authors:

John Hilton III teaches in Religious Education at Brigham Young University. He has degrees from BYU and Harvard and has taught at Especially for Youth and BYU Education Week. John and his wife, Lani, have six children and reside in Utah. John’s published books include Why? and How? and he collaborated with Brad Wilcox and others on Armor Up and Suit Up.

Brad Wilcox is a professor of teacher education at Brigham Young University, where he also works with Especially for Youth and Education Week programs. He currently serves as a member of the Sunday School general board. Brad and his wife, Debi, are the parents of four children and grandparents of three. He is also the author of The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion.


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  1. johnhilton32488941John

    Thanks for the kind words about the book! It seems like you have an incredible 11 year old!

    1. Shelli Proffitt Howells

      My pleasure, and you’re right — I do have an incredible 11 year old! (and the rest, of course.)

  2. Wendee Rosborough

    My Dad is Brad Wilcox. I showed him your blog and he was so thrilled with the post. Thanks for your positive and inspiring review.

    1. Shelli Proffitt Howells

      I’m so glad! I really loved the book and am glad he took the time to write it.

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