Jun 10

Consequence by C.R. Langille

Consequence by C.R. Langille

Consequence by C.R. Langille

Consequence: A Novel in the Dark Tyrant Series

What started as a hunting trip for Tobias Evard Warner II and his friends turns into a fight for survival during a supernatural storm which kicks off the apocalypse. The storm awakens and frees seven powerful creatures who were locked away at the beginning of the world’s creation. The Seven turn nightmares into reality and leave nothing but chaos and death in their wake. Tobias fights his way through a nightmare infested wilderness to get back home to his family. With the unleashed terrors come newfound magical powers for Tobias, but at a cost. Will he sacrifice everything to ensure his family’s safety, even if it means his own soul? Angels, demons, ancient cosmic beings, and even a dimensional-traveler clad in a trench coat made of duct tape come together in this fast-paced novel of magic, darkness, and consequences.

About the Author:

C.R. Langille spent many a Saturday afternoon watching monster movies with his mother. It wasn’t long before he started crafting nightmares to share with his readers. An avid hunter and amateur survivalist, C.R. Langille incorporates the Utah outdoors in many of his tales. He is an affiliate member of the Horror Writer’s Association (organizer for the Utah Chapter), a member of the League of Utah Writers, and received his MFA: Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.


Purchasing Information:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1WjzsZr

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1Vixjwc

Jun 08

WIP Wednesday: Cocoon

Inspired by my friend, Mercedes M. Yardley’s post, I decided to do my first ever WIP Wednesday. For those of you wondering if WIP stands for Rest In Peace for those with a lisp, the answer is no. It means “Work In Progress.”

Now, that could describe a lot of things going on in my life right now. I’m learning how to live my truth as a Type 3 in the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) program. I’m hiking to improve my health, and it’s going super fantastically well. I’m on week 10 in The Artist’s Way program. And I’m doing a lot of emotional healing through The Presence Process by Michael Brown (which I’ll review in a future post). However, the WIP I’m going to tell you about today is my current writing project.

Cocoon by Shelli Proffitt Howells

Cocoon by Shelli Proffitt Howells

Cocoon: My journey of healing sexual abuse through the gift of chronic illness

“There are two kinds of pedophiles. I know, because I was molested by both.

“I used to believe I was broken and nothing could fix me. I believed that my experiences had changed me in irrevocable ways. I would always hurt. I would always be vulnerable to triggers. I would always bring my molesters to bed with me. I would always live in a dissociative state. I would never be able to really love life, because after all these years, death was still the more appealing choice. I still wanted to go home.

“Then, in the fall of 2006, I became sick with a puzzling illness. It stripped me of my life and my identity, leaving me isolated in my cocoon. My chronic illness broke me down in ways that allowed me to rebuild my life. It opened me to healing resources that I don’t believe I would have found any other way.

“Now, you don’t have to become sick to be able to heal from sexual abuse. Thankfully, we have the opportunity in life to learn from others’ experiences. It is my hope that by sharing my story, you will be able to find what you need to heal yourself, too.”

I started this project as a secret. It was going to be just for me. How else could I have written the words that spilled onto the page? However, the more I’ve written, the more I realized that I’m tired of keeping secrets. If I truly want to heal, I need to share my story.

This post is the first step to sharing my secrets. It’s pretty scary. It makes me feel vulnerable. But it makes me feel powerful, too. I want to feel powerful.

So, tell me, are you a work in project? What are you working on today?

Jun 06

Hiking for Health

Hiking for Health

Hiking for Health

Hiking For Health

After nearly a decade of chronic illness and trying every possible treatment available, no matter how weird or sometimes even dangerous, I think I might have finally found my magic pill: Hiking.

During my makeover, Carol Tuttle asked me if I used to enjoy hiking when I was little. I told her yes, I loved it! She said she believed that beginning to hike again would be therapeutic for me. I took her advice, and I’ve been on five hikes now.

Upended Tree Roots

Upended Tree Roots

So far, I have explored the Equestrian Park nearby. I was afraid that it wouldn’t have enough variety for me and that the hikes would become boring and repetitive. Boy, was I wrong! I have found many paths criss-crossing through the park and into the wetlands on the other side of the creek. I’ve discovered this beautiful fallen tree stump with roots that look like a giant medallion. I’ve seen wild roses, dried thistle stalks, robins, doves, and mocking birds. I even climbed a tree (which was admittedly ill-advised, but way too fun!)

Climbing a Tree

Climbing a Tree

Many people have asked me if it’s had a positive impact on my health. Well, I’ve noticed a little bit more energy. I’m sleeping well. I recover faster than I had before. My hikes are getting easier to manage.

But all of that is subjective, and I’d convinced myself that I was “getting better” before. Hope does that to you.

Ah, but Fitbit data doesn’t lie!

According to my Fitbit, my activity level from the past 28 days has increased 17% and my heart rate has gone down 14% over the previous 28 days.

I am getting better!

Now, I’m starting from pretty low functionality. Before hiking, 2,000 steps was a big day for me. So, I’m not out running marathons or anything. I expect improvements to continue slowly, but hopefully surely. I don’t know if I’ll ever regain my health completely, but that’s OK. I am living my truth more fully now. I’m doing things that I love. I’m enjoying my life. And that’s a really big deal.



So tell me, what are you doing for fun this summer?

Jun 03

Beg For Your Life

Beg For Your Life

Beg For Your Life

Beg For Your Life

I don’t know who my kidnappers are. One is male, one is female, I can tell that much at least. I don’t recognize their voices. They’re just two opportunists with guns wearing dark clothes and ski masks over their heads. Like some bad crime drama from the 90s.

The woman is setting up a computer while the man sits me down in a chair in front of it. He checks that the duct tape tying my hands behind my back is secure. It’s uncomfortable, but whatever.

“OK. You get one shot at this,” he says. “If you want to live, you’d better make this good.”

I nod. The woman indicates the live stream is ready.

“Plead your case,” my kidnapper says.

I look into the webcam.

“Mom and Dad, as you’ve figured out by now, I’ve been kidnapped. These people want $5 million for my safe return.” I start laughing. The man and woman exchange glances and then look back at me. The man points at me, like it’s some great warning or something.

“But the joke’s on them, right, Mom and Dad? This is what I want. I’ve been looking for ways to kill myself for years now. Hoping to find something gentle, easy. The pills didn’t work; the razor blades didn’t work. Now, I think these guys are serious, so I might just have finally found my way out. Keep your money, Mom and Dad. It always meant more to you than I did, anyway. Hasta la vista, baby!”

“Shut it off, shut it off!” the kidnapper yells as he tackles me from my chair. He holds his gun to my head.

I’m still laughing, I’m laughing, I’m laughing. And then, I have no idea why, but I’m crying.


Prompt: You are being held for ransom. You are given the opportunity to say into a web camera your plea for your life. What do you say in those two minutes? From 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ray Andrew Kinder.

Jun 01

Introduction to Dressing Your Truth (DYT)

The New (Real) Me with Carol Tuttle

The New (Real) Me with Carol Tuttle

What is wrong with you?

No, seriously, what is wrong with you?

I imagine it doesn’t take you long to come up with your list of “Things That Are Wrong With Me.”

“I’m too fat/I’m too thin.”

“My nose is too big/My boobs are too small.”

“My hair is too curly/My hair is too flat.”

“My eyes are too big/My eyes are too small.”

“My skin is too pale/I have too many freckles.”

“I’m too loud/I’m too quiet.”

“I’m too pushy/I’m a push-over.”

“I’m too childish/I’m too serious.”

“I’m too masculine/I’m too feminine.”

What if I told you that you’re mistaken? There is nothing wrong with you at all. In fact, many of those things that you think are flaws are actually your natural gifts.

We’ve been taught by society that we need to fit a certain standard of beauty. We’ve been taught that we need to fit our behavior into a certain mold. The problem is that society wants us to fit into circular holes, but we’re all squares or triangles or trapezoids.

That’s the whole point of Dressing Your Truth (DYT).

DYT isn’t like those systems where an expert tells you which colors look best on you. It’s much more than that. It’s an energy profiling system developed by Carol Tuttle.

Carol believes that each of us is a combination of four energies:

Type 1: Air. Light, upward movement

Type 2: Water. Soft, flowing movement

Type 3: Fire. Dynamic, forward movement

Type 4: Earth. Reflective, still movement

Although we express all of these energies, we lead with one dominant energy. Knowing what our dominant energy is can really explain a lot. All those things we were shamed for as children, all those idiosyncrasies, suddenly make sense. They’re a part of you, and they’re not flaws — they’re wonderful.

As I mentioned previously, when I first discovered DYT, I thought I was a Type 4. In reality, I didn’t feel safe living in my true energy. There were deep childhood wounds that I needed to address. Discovering that I was really a Type 3 during my makeover was truly a shock. After my initial panic, I’m learning to embrace my true self and allow myself to simply be me. And I look hot doing it!

You don’t have to Dress Your Truth to live your truth. Simply being aware of your natural energy can help you stop shaming yourself and start loving and accepting yourself more. However, Dressing Your Truth supports the natural expression of your true nature, and it enhances your natural beauty. Plus, well, it just feels good!

If you’d like to learn more, you can discover your energy type at www.dyt.liveyourtruth.com.

If you do, tell me: What type are you?

May 30

Artist Date: Crystal Journal

Artist Date: Crystal Journal

To go along with my rock tumbling artist date, this week I created a crystal journal. The reason I originally purchased all these rocks wasn’t just because they were pretty. I was interested in their healing properties. However, I soon discovered that I had a hard time remembering which stones were best for what.

With that in mind, I created my crystal journal. I made a page for each stone. First, I found a picture for reference. Then, I looked up its effects and wrote them down in a bulleted list. Finally, I wrote down which chakras each crystal affected.

Some of my favorite stones are:



Amethyst. This is my birthstone, and boy does it pack a punch when it comes to healing! It affects the Third Eye and Crown chakras. It inspires tranquility, calms rage, anger, fear and anxiety, and dissolves negativity. It balances mood swings. It activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities. So watch yourself when you’re around me and I’m wearing amethyst — I might be able to read your mind.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate

Tree agate. It affects the Heart and Crown chakras. This stone helps strengthen your connection to earth and nature. It creates inner peace and calms the nerves. It improves your relationships with children. It clears energetic pathways. It is also said to boost the immune system and help with mental clarity.

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmation jasper. It affects the Foot, Base or Root, and Solar Plexus chakras. This one brings a sense of fun and awakens child-like joy and playfulness in you. It increases loyalty in relationships. It helps you release old patterns that no longer serve you. It also helps the immune system.



Unakite. It affects the Base or Root and Heart chakras. I love this one because it brings up emotional issues gently and helps you to heal those issues. Facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. The key word here is gently. It also supports convalescence and recovery from major illness. Because guess who has a major illness? That’s right, this girl.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli. It affects the Throat and Third Eye chakras. This one encourages creativity and helps with self-expression. It encourages self-awareness and reveals inner truth. It assists in confronting and speaking one’s truth. I’m working on that! It bonds relationships and aids in expressing feelings and emotions. It also helps boost the immune system.

Fun factor: Pretty! And now, useful. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about crystals and their healing properties, visit Charms of Light.

So tell me, do any of the stones speak to you?

May 27

I Am The Best

Job Interview

Job Interview

Well, of course, I’m the best candidate for the job, you know. First of all, I’m really funny. Hilarious, actually. I can make you pee your pants if I set my mind to it. What? Oh, no, no, I’m not doing it right now. I just said that I could if I wanted to. I don’t want to right now. That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?

So, you see, I would be totally fun to work with. Like a party at work every single day. Who doesn’t want to go to a party every day? Except, yeah, I’m older now, and that used to be fun when I was a 20-year-old, but I really like an early night in with a hot bath and a good book now. So, that’s the kind of party I’m talking about. Whatever kind of party you think you’d enjoy. That’s the work party I’m talking about.

Skills? Oh, of course, yes, I totally have skills. Awesome skills. Lots of awesome skills. Like, I learned how to type on an actual typewriter when I was in high school. Can you believe it? I actually had to manually go to the next line on a page, not like you young whipper snappers these days, I’m just kidding, you’re not that young are you? Haha, no, no, I’m not asking your age, I’m just trying to guess, I’d say mid- to late-thirties. Oh, 29? Haha, well, you’re very mature, aren’t you.

OK, so I have the typing skills and I’ve got mad people skills. I’m really good with people. Especially little people. I mean, I gave birth to six of them. And I didn’t eat any of my young, haha, yes, you see, some animals totally eat their young but I’d never do that, although they did tempt me sometimes. You have no idea.

So I’m really good on the telephone, too. I have this totally professional voice. “Good afternoon, Smiley and Smiley. How may I direct your call?” See? That sounded really professional, didn’t it? I can do that all day long. Oh, right, so the job doesn’t really require answering phones, that’s good because I really hated it when I was a receptionist. All those lines ringing at once, me forgetting who I had put on hold, dropping calls all over the place. Well, not all over the place, not enough to get fired. Ha! But I can still talk like totally professional whenever we’re, say, in a meeting or something.

Oh! I know. I’m very organized. All of my socks are arranged by color. Because they’re all white! Ha! I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you. But seriously, I’m an organized person. I know how to get all of my kids out the door and into the right school, and then get them all home again, and then get them to soccer practice and band concerts and basketball games.

So, I guess you could say I’ve got really good driving skills, too. Especially when we’re running late, and I’m weaving in and out of traffic like I’m at the Daytona 500. And why do people watch Nascar, anyway? It’s just a bunch of cars going around and around in circles for, like, a hundred miles. The drivers must get seriously dizzy. I don’t know why there aren’t more crashes. Of course, then there’d be even more fans, because that’s the real reason everyone’s watching, right?

Oh, and I’m also very focused. Like, laser beam. Like my dog when he fixates on the mouse that is in my kitchen and sometimes streaks across the floor when you least expect it. Except, does the dog chase the mouse and capture it? Oh, no, of course not, he’s terrified of the thing and he runs away from it! Can you imagine? My dog is terrified of a little tiny mouse. But so I am, so I can’t be too mad at him, right? I should have gotten a cat instead. I hate cats.

Anyway, I graduated from high school with good grades, woohoo, what an accomplishment, right? I did go on and get a B.S. degree in Zoology from BYU. B.S. degree, haha, that’s hilarious because you would not believe how many times I b.s.ed my way through a paper in college. You just use some fancy words and the professors think you know what you’re talking about. Yeah, but seriously, sometimes — no idea.

So. That’s me in a nutshell! Do I get the job?


Prompt: There is a job you desire with every fiber of your being. Write about yourself in a humorous manner and boast about your skills as a person.

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