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For Sale by Owner by Marlene Bateman

For Sale by Owner Blog Tour

For Sale by Owner Blog Tour

Stressed by a year of intense, ongoing problems, McKenzie Forsberg decides to quit her high-powered job and move back to her hometown. Determined to rebuild her life, Kenzie desperately needs the peace and security she is sure will come from buying the home she grew up in. But when she arrives in town, Kenzie discovers that a handsome widower, Jared Rawlins, has already put an offer on the house. However, he can only close the deal if he sells his own house by Christmas Eve.

When Kenzie unexpectedly runs into a couple who are considering buying Jared’s house, she unthinkingly gives them information that changes their mind. Jared, who had been more than a little interested in Kenzie, has second thoughts when he begins to believe Kenzie deliberately tried to sabotage the sale of his home.

Despite his misgivings, and Kenzie’s own concerns, sparks of attraction between Jared and Kenzie grow into something more. Then, Kenzie makes a stunning discovery about her past. In that moment, everything changes. Will the power of love be enough to bring Jared and Kenzie together and allow them to find their happily ever after?

For Sale by Owner by Marlene Bateman

For Sale by Owner by Marlene Bateman


What made you decide to move to Lake Forest?” Kenzie asked.

I’ve always loved it here,” Jared said. “It’s a beautiful area, and there’s a special atmosphere here. People are so friendly. I guess part of the reason I came is because I needed to go someplace new and kind of start over, you know?”

Kenzie did know. That was exactly what she was doing now. She’d gotten over Larry, but she needed to go someplace new and reinvent herself and her life.

Now let me ask you,” Jared said. “What made you decide to come back?”

“A lot of reasons. I need a fresh start too. I’m tired of the hectic pace in Chicago.” Impulsively she added, “Also, I had to get away from my job at Midwest. A guy was causing some real problems for me—” She stopped. Their eyes met and lingered. Jared’s compassion was evident and the expression on his face kind. She felt so comfortable talking with him—as if they were kindred spirits. Something in her heart softened into a spreading pool, and she smiled at him.

Tearing open his packet of Oreo cookies., Jared took one and dunked it in his hot chocolate.

Kenzie frowned. “Figures. You’re a dunker.”

And I bet you’re a twister.”

Snatching up a cookie, Kenzie twisted it open and took a bite of the creamy middle. “Ummm.”

Jared shuddered. “That’s wrong in so many ways.”

Picking up her mug and warming her fingers, Kenzie sipped her hot chocolate. “This is wonderful!”

It’s a secret recipe—been in my family for generations.”


“No, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?”


For Sale by Owner is available at Deseret Book and Seagull Book and can also be purchased online at:

Amazon: https://goo.gl/5a60QZ

Seagull Book: https://goo.gl/yQboNh

GoodReads; https://goo.gl/ksPihN

My website: www.marlenebateman.info


Author Marlene Bateman

Author Marlene Bateman

Marlene Bateman Sullivan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Sandy, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She is married to Kelly R. Sullivan and they live in North Salt Lake, Utah with their two dogs and four cats. Marlene has been published extensively in magazines and newspapers and wrote the best-selling romance/suspense novel, Light on Fire Island. She has written three other mysteries; Motive for Murder, A Death in the Family, and Crooked House.

Marlene has also written a number of LDS, non-fiction books: Latter-day Saint Heroes and Heroines, And There Were Angels Among Them, Visit’s from Beyond the Veil, By the Ministering of Angels, Brigham’s Boys, Heroes of Faith, Gaze into Heaven; Near-death Experiences in Early Church History, and The Magnificent World of Spirits; Eyewitness Accounts of Where We Go When We Die.


Oct 07

Addictarium by Nicole D’Settemi


Welcome to my tour stop of Addictarium by Nicole D’Settēmi.  The tour runs from October 3-7 and you can follow the tour here.


When creative spirit, and inhabitant of bohemia–Danielle Martino–starts to lose her eyesight from shooting a poisoned bag of heroin, she flees to New York City for surgery, and then to rehab. However, the two-year intensive drug recovery therapy program is more intense than anything she could have anticipated, and Danielle finds herself searching for purpose, sanity, and sobriety in this “addictarium,”–or as she likes to call it; a house of broken souls.


“Come on, Danielle!” Karen shouted over the raging winds, which were both loud and aggressive, due to April’s unpredictable weather. We were scurrying down the wooden planks along the boardwalk, five minutes from our community. Karen, who was drenched in a thick, mauve turtle neck, and a pair of furry, suede boots, ran awkwardly about two feet ahead of me, her left leg shorter than the right making her look funny. She laughed loudly, nearly tumbling over, her voice ringing through the air, despite the howl of the heavy winds. I followed, out of breath, trying to inhale the last of a cheap, fat menthol cigar. Black-and-Mild’s, the box said, and they were delicious. Strong, and intense, scorching the back of my throat, just the way I needed something to be. We continued to run, as we laughed even harder. Tear drops were streaming down my face from my watery eyes, with the sun luminous and bright, but the weather still quite cold, at least for spring.

“I think I see her!” she shouted, referring to our mutual acquaintance August Delgado, who as always, was surrounded by a small cluster of people, all of them off into the distance. They were all people who lived in our Therapeutic Community; a long-term addiction-recovery program, named Safe Haven Village, or The Village as I liked to call it, because Greenwich had nothing on this place, it was a complete circus, a regular freak show by all definitions of the word.

We both squinted to see further, but we didn’t really know what we were seeing. We were higher than one of these New York City skyscrapers, tripping on acid that August had given us. Rockaway beach was five minutes from our community, so we decided to search for our dear friend, sure we had found her, but not so sure it was actually her, given the acid was really starting to kick in. As we neared just a little bit closer, we began to laugh giddily, as we could now see her waving erratically, heading towards us with two black guys, one of her comrades several sizes larger than any of us. We ran fast and furiously towards the rocks they were situated on, screaming and throwing our arms everywhere, as if none of us had seen the other for days on end. She caught up to us, moments later, all of us panting and out of breath, as we hugged one another, laughing gleefully.

“This acid’s pretty wavy dude,” August remarked, her mouth against my ear as she embraced me, “very mellow, it’s like it takes ya on a long car ride into the country, a long car ride with excellent scenery,” she added, as I could feel a slow, lazy smile spreading across her face, and I knew the acid was clearly hitting her as well. I felt her lumpy dreads in my hands, and realized I was still holding onto her. We let go of each other, and we both laughed again.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” she asked us, looking back and forth between the two of us, her lively eyes twinkling with mischief. Oh, Karen and I, we had plans alright. We looked at each other and smiled, but said nothing.

“Okay we’ll leave it at that,” she told us grinning, as the two guys finally caught up to where we were standing. I smiled and said hello, and we all slapped hands.

“We actually have to get ready,” Karen told her, as we lit a couple of cigarettes, and passed them between the five of us.

August slid her hand into her grey hooded jacket, three sizes two big, and pulled out a little piece of plastic cellophane. “Here’s two more,” she said blowing smoke through her nose, and then, finally out of her mouth. She handed me the small packet, and I laid it in my palm, delicately sizing it up.
“You women are crazy, I mean we are in treatment after all,” Stefan, one of the guys, with a crisp, British accent, said. The other guy nodded in agreement, and then laughed, as he watched me eyeball Stefan’s hand, raising an eyebrow. Between his fingers, he held a joint, which I already knew was filled with K-2, a new, hip form of synthetic weed, that no treatment programs were testing for.

“What? This? This is nothing!” Stefan said with a dismissive hand, but even as he said it, he had to laugh at his own audacity.

“They don’t test for acid either,” I pointed out.

His friend shook his head, “yeah, but that shit crazy, yo. Put you straight in the ward!”

“Thanks,” Karen piped in impatiently, “but we have to get ready now.”

“Have fun, you two,” August told us, picking at a barrette that was attached to one of her dreads.


Nicole D’Settēmi is a 34 year old creative writer, poet, and artist from Niagara Falls, New York. Born in a tiny town bordering Canada only five minutes from the legendary falls, Nicole says she had an eye for beauty at a young age, and that included poetry. She can remember from an age as young as six, being selected as part of the city’s “young authors club.” She was interested in lyric poetry from the time she was a pre-teen into her early-to-mid-twenties, and moved into creative writing and fiction in her late twenties and early thirties.
Addictarium was penned while Nicole spent time in an intensive rehabilitation center due to a devastating heroin addiction, and while this is a fictional memoir, many of the themes and tales are based around her own experiences during her two year stay in the notorious Queens, New York “therapeutic community.”
In April of 2010, Nicole lost 95% of her eyesight due to a poisoned bag of heroin she had injected, and was shipped to Manhattan’s Bellevue hospital 1,600 miles away from her city at the time, which was in South Florida, where she had been attending an art institute for photojournalism. She was forced to drop the courses, as she began a new, sober life in New York City.
Nicole was also separated from her fiancé and co-conspirator in 2010, while recuperating in Daytop Village. At that time, she was introduced to her current fiancé, who is also mentioned throughout the novel as the substance abuse counselor she fell in love with.
Today, both artists run a modest business creatively assisting others, and continue to hone their fine arts abilities, in their art studio and living quarters, residing in Pleasant Valley, New York. With their creative assistance-based company; LCDS Creative Services, they’ve dedicated a division to publishing novels, named; The Book House of Seviles. They look forward to venturing further into the writing and publishing world, in 2017.





When the person purchases Addictarium’s
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Prize #1 – A subscription from mazagines.com for any
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Please email lcdscreativeservices@gmail.com, after the purchase with the email receipt and have a chance to win these amazing prizes.

Oct 06

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden

The small town of Savage Wells is barely big enough for the people who call it home; it certainly isn’t big enough for more than one sheriff.

Yet when famed lawman Cade O’Brien rides into town, he finds he’s not the only man ready to take on the job. What’s more, one of his competitors is a woman.

Paisley Bell loves her town and the eccentric people in it. She’s been the acting sheriff for months and isn’t too keen on relinquishing the job to anyone else. Not only does she love the work, but she also needs the income to take care of her ailing father.

It’s a true battle of the sexes, and sparks fly between the two as Cade and Paisley banter and boast, neither one ready to acknowledge the attraction they have for each other. But when Paisley’s former beau shows up, along with a band of bank robbers, Savage Wells is suddenly faced with the kind of peril that only a sheriff can manage. Who will be man enough—or woman enough—to step up, claim the badge, and save the town?

I really love Sarah M. Eden’s books, so when I had the opportunity to receive a free copy of her new book in exchange for my honest review, I was thrilled. However, The Sheriffs of Savage Wells was a swing and a miss for me.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Westerns. Yet, I expected more from Eden. I feel like she missed opportunities to dismantle gender role assumptions; instead, she reinforced them. I couldn’t see why these two main characters were attracted to each other. Cade was arrogant and unsympathetic, and Paisley a lukewarm personality.

I enjoyed the variety of supporting characters. And I feel like the story picked up a little after the halfway mark when Paisley’s ex-fiance shows up. But ultimately, I found the ending unsatisfying.

If you love Westerns or you’re a die hard Sarah M. Eden fan, you’ll probably enjoy this book. Although this was a disappointment for me, I’ll still be first in line for her next offering.

About the Author:
SARAH M. EDEN read her first Jane Austen novel in elementary school and has been an Austen addict ever since. Fascinated by the English Regency era, Eden became a regular in that section of the reference department at her local library, where she painstakingly researched this extraordinary chapter in history. Eden is an award-winning author of short stories and was a Whitney Award finalist for her novels Seeking Persephone and Courting Miss Lancaster. Visit her at www.sarahmeden.com.

Sep 30

Cursed by the Fountain of Youth Cover Reveal

Cursed by the Fountain of Youth by Holly Kelly

Cursed by the Fountain of Youth by Holly Kelly

For centuries, countless adventurers have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Those who found it thought they would gain eternal life. Instead, they find themselves murdered by its guardians. There was, however, one, lone survivor—Fae Miller. As an infant, she not only survived the Fountain, she took its power.

Twenty-two years later, Fae is hiding in plain sight at a local college. She is determined to leave the past behind her and live a normal life. But for one dying man, the search for the Fountain of Youth continues, and he is leaving a trail of blood and mutilated bodies in his wake. Unfortunately, that trail leads directly to Fae. Her only hope is a young, new college professor, also known as Special Agent Nick Chase of the FBI. Nick is determined to do two things: keep Fae alive, and keep his relationship with his student professional. Both of these jobs prove difficult—especially when love and magic are involved.


They ate their dinner in silence. Fae realized in those quiet moments that she had a major problem.

She’d not only kissed her professor, she desperately wanted to kiss him again. No. Desperate was not a strong enough word. It took supreme effort not to jump out of her seat and throw her arms around him.

“Um,” she said and cleared her throat, “that probably shouldn’t happen again.”

Nick didn’t answer. A scowl settled on his face.

“I mean,” Fae continued, “This could complicate things. I don’t want you to feel you need to give me a good grade, just because you might…”

“Might what?” he asked when she didn’t’ continue.

“I don’t want to put words in your mouth,” she said.

“Right,” he said. He seemed want to say something, but paused to consider his words. “How about I tell you how I feel? That way you won’t be putting words into my mouth.”


He looked her direct in the eyes. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. So it goes without saying that I’m attracted to you. And I’ve had enough experience with women to know you’ve had little experience with men. Rules aside, I’d still move slowly with you.”

Fae swallowed and gave a shaky nod.

“But the truth is I am your professor. So this relationship cannot move further than what it is now. That is until the end of the term. And no, I won’t be giving you any grade you don’t deserve.”

“But, once the term ends,” he continued, “all bets are off. I intend to pursue a relationship with you. I expect keeping my hands off you will be difficult in the meantime. I think we are both reasonable adults and have enough self-control to keep things at a professional level. Right?”

Fae nodded, feeling a bit relieved. “I do have one question,” she said.


“You said our relationship couldn’t go farther than it is.”

“Right,” he said.

“And we’ve already kissed.”

A frown settled on his face. It looked like he could guess what she was about to say. Warmth flooded her cheeks. She asked in a small voice, “So, can I kiss you again?”

He closed his eyes and shook his head as he groaned and gave a weak chuckle. “You’re going to make things difficult, aren’t you?” When he opened his eyes, he stood up, pulled her out of her seat, and wrapped his arms around her. Her eyes widened and heart pounded as her body melded against his. He looked down and gave her a smoldering look as the scent of his cologne teased her senses and made her mouth water.

 “I can’t think of any alternate reality where I would ever say no when you ask me that question.” With that said, he leaned forward and kissed her so thoroughly, she could scarcely remember her own name.

Author Holly Kelly

Author Holly Kelly

About the Author:

Holly Kelly is a mom who writes books in her spare time: translation–she hides in the bathroom with her laptop and locks the door while the kids destroy the house and smear peanut butter on the walls. She was born in Utah but moved around a bit, living in Kansas, Texas, and Hawaii where she studied marine biology. She’s now back in Utah–“happy valley”. She’s married to a wonderful husband, James, and they are currently raising 6 rambunctious children. Her interests are reading, writing (or course), martial arts, visual arts, creating Halloween props, and spending time with family.

My Website is: AuthorHollyKelly.com


Aug 15

She Stood for Freedom by Loki Mulholland

She Stood for Freedom by Loki Mulholland

She Stood for Freedom by Loki Mulholland

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was a white teenager in the South during Segregation who put herself on the front lines of the Civil Rights struggle. This is the first biography about her experiences, published simultaneously in picture book and middle grade editions, detailing the many events she participated in. She attended demonstrations and sit-ins and was one of the Freedom Riders in 1961 who was arrested and put on death row for months at the notorious Parchman Penitentiary. She was the first white person to join in the 1963 Woolworth s lunch counter sit-ins in Jackson, Mississippi, and that same year participated in the March on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King and the Selma to Montgomery march in 1965 which contributed to the passage of the landmark Voting Rights Act that year. Her willingness to stand up for justice has been an inspiration, ”Anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Find a problem, get some friends together, and go fix it. Remember, you don’t have to change the world . . . just change your world.”

The edition for readers ages 8 and older uses collage art and blends photographs from the period with the text, and features sidebar commentary from Joan, reflecting on those years. It also includes riveting primary source documents from Joan’s personal archives like the letter sent to Joan’s mother during Joan’s arrest at Parchman Penitentiary. On official letterhead of the state, the warden exhibits the deep racism of the time by admonishing her mother for permitting a ”white minor girl to gang up with a bunch of Negro bucks and white hoodlums.” This edition of She Stood for Freedom unforgettably and insightfully conveys the turmoil and tone of the Civil Rights era.

My Review:

I think this is a great and important book. Too often, I believe, we view the history of Civil Rights as something that belongs to African Americans. This book reminds us that the battle for Civil Rights lifted us all.

The story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland erases the line between “us” and “them.” It teaches children that they, too, can stand up for what’s right. Through this book, they learn that they can make a difference in the world. And it helps them to see that we are all brothers and sisters in the human family, regardless of race or anything else that seemingly divides us.

The story is presented in small chunks of information, perfect for teaching children. The original photography and images of historical documents add interest and enhance learning. The artwork of Charlotta Janssen is stunning and evocative.

This is an excellent book for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents to add to their libraries.


Aug 09

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen

Jane Eyre meets Beauty and the Beast in this Steampunk Proper Romance

When Lucy Pickett arrives at Blackwell Manor to tend to her ailing cousin, Kate, she finds more than she bargained for. A restless ghost roams the hallways, werewolves have been reported in the area, and vampires lurk across the Scottish border.

Lord Miles himself is clearly hiding a secret. He is brash and inhospitable, and does not take kindly to visitors—even one as smart and attractive as Miss Pickett. He is unsettled by the mysterious deaths of his new wife, Clara, and his sister, Marie. Could Miles be to blame for the deaths?

Working together, Miles and Lucy attempt to restore peace to Blackwell Manor. But can Lucy solve the mystery of Miles? Can she love the man—beast and all?

Also includes a bonus prequel novelette entitled Marie’s Story.


I really enjoyed this book. Allen does a great job avoiding the flaws of the original Beauty and the Beast story. Her Beauty is not only beautiful but also brainy. Lucy is a strong woman with determination. She is not captured and held against her will; rather, it is her will that keeps her in the castle. Likewise, the Beast in this story is not truly a brute, but a man who believes that others see him as a monster. Instead of changing Miles, she reflects the truth of who he is that leads him to accept himself. The result is a pair of characters that are engaging and that we care about.

I also enjoyed the way Allen seamlessly weaves the steam punk elements into her setting. Those elements are not only entertaining but are used as an integral part of the story. This is the first steam punk book that I’ve read, and it was a great introduction to the genre.

About the Author:

Nancy Campbell Allen is the author of 12 published novels and several novellas, which encompass a variety of genres from contemporary romantic suspense to historical fiction. Her Civil War series, Faith of our Fathers, won the Utah Best of State award in 2005 and two of her historicals featuring Isabelle Webb, Pinkerton spy, were finalists for the Whitney Award. She served on the 2015 LDStorymakers Conference Committee and currently serves as the marketing coordinator for The Teen Writers Confrerence. She has presented at numerous conferences and events since her initial publication in 1999.

Aug 03

$5 Family Fun by Meggan Spicer

$5 Family Fun e-Book Cover jpg versionDoing fun activities with the family gets expensive, but now with Meggan’s $5 Family Fun, you can make, bake, and do incredibly fun things with your young family for under $5. Using dollar store finds, free local services, generic bands, and common household items, you can make every day an adventure. Gather your whole family together for inexpensive family fun activities and memories that last forever.

My Review:

As the mother of six kids, I was always looking for ways to engage them in fun activities. This book includes 50 different activities all in one place. I liked that the book was organized first by holiday, with additional activities following. I also appreciated that there was a nice variety to choose from, and I found the instructions easy to follow. Two of my favorite activities are explained below.

Easter - Carrot PatchCarrot Patch – $4

You don’t have to have a green thumb to make this garden grow. Let the kids help you make this tasty and adorable carrot patch dessert. You can make your garden bed(s) as big or small as you like. You can make one larger one for the whole family or you can each make your own individual carrot gardens.


Vanilla or Chocolate Wafer Cookies from dollar store – $1

Chocolate Crème-Filled Cookies from dollar store – $1

White Icing from dollar store – $1

Mike & Ike® boxed candy from dollar store – $1

2 Household Baggies from the kitchen – $0


Fill one baggie with white icing and then snip one corner to create a pastry bag.

On a plate, build your raised garden bed by bonding the wafer cookies together with the icing.

Lay more wafer cookies down to create a floor to your garden bed.

To create your dirt, fill the second baggie with chocolate crème-filled cookies, seal and crush with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Liberally fill the garden bed with the crushed cookies.

Make the carrots, first by taking green Mike & Ike candies and snip them into smaller pieces with kitchen shears or thoroughly washed household scissors to create the carrot tops. The now exposed inside of the candy will be sticky in texture and you can just press it firmly onto the top of orange Mike & Ike candies that will serve as the carrots.

Gently insert your finished candy carrots into your crumbled cookie dirt.

Marbelized Eggs6

Marbleized Eggs – $4

These marbleized eggs are both pretty and pretty easy to make. Plan ahead though as this project needs to sit overnight.


Dozen Eggs (generic brand) from grocery store – $2

Shaving Crème from dollar store – $1

Liquid Food Coloring (4-pack of red, green, blue & yellow) from starter kit- $0

Toothpicks from dollar store – $1


Boil eggs in a slow rolling boil for 10 minutes until hard boiled. Immediate drain hot water off eggs cool down eggs with a combination of cold water and ice.

Marbelized Eggs2

Fill a cooking dish with a thin layer of shaving crème. Place drops of food coloring in a variety of colors mixtures into the shaving crème and then swirl the colors into the shaving crème with a toothpick. For additional color options, see color guide at the bottom of this chapter.

Marbelized Eggs4With kitchen tongs, roll the now cooled and dried eggs in the streaked shaving crème until thoroughly covered on all sides.

Place on a wire cake rack or if you don’t have one, use a sheet of wax paper.

For a different color combination, wash out your shaving crème dish and start over fresh.

Let finished eggs dry overnight and then wipe off remaining shaving crème the next day with a paper towel. Handle with care though as color from the food coloring can wear off slightly onto your hands.

Marbelized Eggs5Blended Color Guide:

Purple – 3 red drops + 2 blue drops

Lime Green – 3 yellow drops + 1 green drop

Orange – 2 red drops + 3 yellow drops

Sea Green – 1 yellow drop + 2 blue drops

Peach – 1 red drop + 2 yellow drops

$5 Family Fun the e-Book can be found on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books & Things. Connect with Meggan at:
on Instagram @megganspicer


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