May 23

Artist Date: Finding Nemo

Artist Date: Finding Nemo

Artist Date: Finding Nemo

Artist Date: Finding Nemo

Week 7 of The Artist’s Way is all about learning how to take risks. With that in mind, I decided to watch one of my favorite films, Finding Nemo.

Oh, Marlin. I get you. I totally do.

Marlin is haunted by the past and worried about the future. His love for Nemo causes him to be overprotective. As Dory points out, he’s so busy making sure nothing ever happens to Nemo that…well…nothing ever happens to Nemo.

Dory, on the other hand, always lives in the now. The moment, to her, is a gift, a toy, something to be played with and enjoyed — even those moments that are rife with danger.

I, too, have lived my life haunted by my past and fearful for my future. In trying to protect myself, I have lost touch with my own little Nemo. I don’t want that any more.

For all of Marlin’s diligence, he still wasn’t able to protect Nemo. Likewise, none of my good-girl, rule-following, shut up and sit down, trying to make myself invisible did any good. It was the illusion of protection, not protection itself.

I want to have fun. I want to take risks. I want to have adventures.

You know what they say — be careful what you wish for!

That’s fine, Universe. Bring it on!

Fun factor: You feel like you’re deep-sea diving. Humor. Inspires you to want to do something fun.

What was the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

Share your thoughts.

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