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Jun 06

Hiking for Health

Hiking For Health After nearly a decade of chronic illness and trying every possible treatment available, no matter how weird or sometimes even dangerous, I think I might have finally found my magic pill: Hiking. During my makeover, Carol Tuttle asked me if I used to enjoy hiking when I was little. I told her …

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Jun 01

Introduction to Dressing Your Truth (DYT)

What is wrong with you? No, seriously, what is wrong with you? I imagine it doesn’t take you long to come up with your list of “Things That Are Wrong With Me.” “I’m too fat/I’m too thin.” “My nose is too big/My boobs are too small.” “My hair is too curly/My hair is too flat.” …

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May 11

A Tiny Little Hike

During my makeover, Carol told me that she felt getting back into hiking, although difficult at first, would be good for my health. I thought she could be right, and so, being a dynamic Type 3 woman, I moved swiftly into action and went on my first tiny little hike with my husband and daughter …

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May 09

DYT: Me, Type 3?

The moment I knew I was Type 3: The day after my makeover, I panicked. I felt like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight. Even before the Great Type 4 Purge of December, I had had very little clothes in Type 3 colors. I had to scramble to find something to wear. I needed a …

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May 06

My DYT Makeover

I saw the announcement on Monday. Carol Tuttle was hosting a live event at her Dressing Your Truth (DYT) store, and she was going to choose one lucky person to receive a complete makeover. I had always wanted a makeover. I watched talk shows that took dowdy women and turned them into gorgeous, confident women. …

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Feb 24

New and Improved!

Someone needed a facelift. No, it wasn’t me! Sheesh. Actually, it was more a someTHING than a someONE. My website! You may have noticed: The bright colors of my new theme. Even though I sometimes write darkly, I didn’t think my website needed to have such a maudlin feel. Mobile-friendly. I had no idea my …

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May 15

Fess Up Friday

I’m late getting this post out this morning. I haven’t been perfect with the 30×30 Nature Challenge. When it’s cold and rainy, I don’t get further than the back porch. Nature Is Calling, but I’ve got caller I.D., and I like to screen my calls. My daughter gave me a fantastic idea for a new …

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