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Oct 17

For Sale by Owner by Marlene Bateman

Stressed by a year of intense, ongoing problems, McKenzie Forsberg decides to quit her high-powered job and move back to her hometown. Determined to rebuild her life, Kenzie desperately needs the peace and security she is sure will come from buying the home she grew up in. But when she arrives in town, Kenzie discovers …

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Oct 07

Addictarium by Nicole D’Settemi

  Welcome to my tour stop of Addictarium by Nicole D’Settēmi.  The tour runs from October 3-7 and you can follow the tour here. ABOUT THE BOOK When creative spirit, and inhabitant of bohemia–Danielle Martino–starts to lose her eyesight from shooting a poisoned bag of heroin, she flees to New York City for surgery, and then to rehab. However, …

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Jun 10

Consequence by C.R. Langille

Consequence: A Novel in the Dark Tyrant Series What started as a hunting trip for Tobias Evard Warner II and his friends turns into a fight for survival during a supernatural storm which kicks off the apocalypse. The storm awakens and frees seven powerful creatures who were locked away at the beginning of the world’s …

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Jun 08

WIP Wednesday: Cocoon

Inspired by my friend, Mercedes M. Yardley’s post, I decided to do my first ever WIP Wednesday. For those of you wondering if WIP stands for Rest In Peace for those with a lisp, the answer is no. It means “Work In Progress.” Now, that could describe a lot of things going on in my …

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May 12

Water Conservation by Gavin Howells

Today’s guest post is brought to you by my son, Gavin Howells. As a project for school, he would like to remind you of the importance of water conservation. Please take a look at this short presentation. And for bonus points, tell me in the comments what you do to conserve water! Download the PDF …

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Apr 29

Weeds or Wildflowers?

My backyard is carpeted by wildflowers. Yellow, blue, and white mix in with the green grass. It feels like a mountain meadow to me. But to others, my wildflowers are nothing but weeds. I’m expected to eradicate them because otherwise, they’re just going to infect my neighbors’ lawns. Who decided which flowers were weeds and …

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Feb 26

Five Years to Live

I lie in the bathtub, running warm water over my naked body. I try to calm my breathing, imagining myself sinking into the warmth and simply drifting away. I clutch a razor blade in my hand. It has been sitting in the medicine cabinet, lying flat against the shelf, unnoticed by anyone but me, for …

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