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Feb 24

New and Improved!

Someone needed a facelift. No, it wasn’t me! Sheesh. Actually, it was more a someTHING than a someONE. My website! You may have noticed: The bright colors of my new theme. Even though I sometimes write darkly, I didn’t think my website needed to have such a maudlin feel. Mobile-friendly. I had no idea my …

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Jun 04

Silence by Deborah Lytton

Stella is a vivacious teen with a deep yearning to become an accomplished Broadway musical star. Her dreams are shattered when a freak accident renders her deaf. Struggling mightily to communicate in a world of total silence, she meets Hayden who has such a pronounced stutter she can easily read his lips because he speaks …

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May 29

Writing A New Me

Today I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life, hosted by Positive Writer. Chronic illness takes, and takes, and takes. I lost more than my health when I became sick almost nine years ago. I lost dear friendships. I watched a budding career slip away. I missed proud mama …

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May 27

Audacious Advice

“The articles selected for this book are the most popular blog posts from Positive Writer and many other bloggers blogging on the Craft of writing. “This is not your typical book. The work is down-to-earth in a way that is refreshing, encouraging and ultimately, we hope, inspiring. ” (Excerpt. Introduction: The Magnificent Art of Writing) …

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May 15

Fess Up Friday

I’m late getting this post out this morning. I haven’t been perfect with the 30×30 Nature Challenge. When it’s cold and rainy, I don’t get further than the back porch. Nature Is Calling, but I’ve got caller I.D., and I like to screen my calls. My daughter gave me a fantastic idea for a new …

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May 11

How to Write a Blockbuster Novel in 3 Easy Steps

David Farland is not only a bestselling author, he has also mentored many bestselling authors such as James Dashner (The Maze Runner series) and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Series). So when I heard that he’d be teaching a class for this year’s Indie Recon, I knew I had to watch. Here are some of the things …

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May 08

For the Birds

A cacophony of bird song lilts to my ears as I step outside in the morning air. I sit on the top step, waiting for my dog, Wesley, to do his business. My eyes fly to the trees, to the edges of the yard, trying to put faces to voices. A red-breasted robin hops in …

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