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Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? by Michelle Wilson

Does this insecurity make me look fat?

An insightful new book helps boost confidence in women of all ages.

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? by Michelle Wilson

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? by Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson’s new book, Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?, holds humorous yet poignant insights that help women examine the limitations we sometimes put on ourselves out of insecurity and self-doubt.

We have faith in God, but do we know that He has faith in us? When we see ourselves with God’s eternal perspective, we can feel confident and whole – even in our imperfection. Just think what we might accomplish if we truly believe that we are more important than we know, stronger than we realize, and extraordinary in every way.

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? Is available at Deseret Book and other select retailers, or on Deseret Bookshelf.


You would think that once we made it through High School, we women would be full of confidence. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are a whole new set of rules and measuring sticks that we discover as adults that undermine our sense of self-worth. Michelle Wilson brings these Enemies of Perspective to light and uses scripture, personal stories, and insight to give us the tools needed to combat those enemies.

She tackles such issues as comparing our weaknesses to others’ strengths, fear, envy, doubt, guilt, and shame. She reminds us of how our Heavenly Father sees us – not perfect, but full of divine potential. Then, she challenges us to take responsibility for our choices and to make necessary changes in our lives, while celebrating our progress along the way.

I enjoyed Michelle’s personal, chatty style of writing. I think her book has universal appeal; although we may not all suffer from every insecurity she mentions, no one is completely immune. I personally found the chapter on understanding trials to be helpful.

I would have liked for her to discuss body image issues in more depth. I think that issue is not only one that almost everyone struggles with, but it is also something that we inadvertently teach our daughters.

Also, I wish she would have talked about the Law of Compensation. I think that we, as mothers, have a problem with perfectionism because we are so aware of the great importance of our job. I know that I feel that there is very little wiggle room for mistakes when it comes to parenting. If I don’t “get it right,” the consequences could be serious. However, knowing that God will make up for all my imperfections as long as I’m doing the best I can helps me to forgive myself, be more accepting, and let go of perfectionism. Sometimes. 🙂

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? is a quick, insightful, and enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

About the Author:

Michelle Wilson is a native of California. Through serving a full-time mission, teaching seminary, teaching Sunday School classes, and speaking at firesides and conferences, Michelle has developed a love of the power and simplicity of the gospel. She believes in the healing power of laughter and chocolate. She and her husband, Jerey, are the parents of three children and live in Washington State.


  1. Michelle

    Thanks for the review Shelli! I appreciate your comments, and I’m glad you liked the book!

    1. Shelli Proffitt Howells

      You’re welcome, Michelle! I think it would make a great book club selection. So much to discuss!

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