Apr 18

Gardening: Take Two



For this week’s Artist Date, I decided to get a start on my garden. Last year’s garden was a complete fail, but I learned a few things.

I’m going to keep it simple and focus on just a few crops. I’m planting a three sisters garden: corn, pole beans, and zucchini. The theory is that the plants help each other. The corn provides support for the beans, and the zucchini provides shade. It sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll also add tomatoes because I think fresh tomatoes from the garden are divine. I might also do a container herb garden.

So for my Artist Date, I first put together several of these newspaper cups. Seriously, this is about as crafty as I like to get. After putting together all the cups, I filled them with soil and planted my corn seeds. I wait five to seven days and plant my beans; then, another five to seven days before I start my zucchini. They should all be ready to transplant early in May, after the threat of frost.

I’m inviting my niece and her children over to help with the transplanting because her kids get so excited over gardening. And they love it when I reward them with popsicles.

Fun factor: Putting together the newspaper cups is kind of crafty. Also — dirt!

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