Jul 06

I Suck at Gardening

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

How does my garden grow?

How does my garden grow?

10. I suck at gardening.

OK, you might have known that about me if you saw this post. I do not have what is proudly (arrogantly?) called a green thumb by successful and seasoned gardeners. Don’t get me wrong – I am passionate about gardening. Each spring, I throw some compost on my tilled little plot and tuck some tender young plants into the ground. I water; I weed; I wait.

And I watch as my lovely little plants wilt, turn brown and die.

Well, maybe not all of them die, but few ever produce anything close to edible. Undeterred, I try, try again the following year.

But recently, I’ve discovered that all my old ex-boyfriends were right: it’s not me; it’s them.

My soil is old and tired. It is depleted of nutrients. It just can’t perform to my expectations.

I’ve recently learned about permaculture, and I realize I’ve been working against Mother Nature. No one works against Mother Nature and gets away with it. I’ve learned that soil doesn’t like to be tilled; it burns up nutrients too fast. Weeds are good; they help to “fix” the soil and repair previous damage.

Of course, my epiphany is too late for this year’s crop. I am happy to say that my basil is flourishing. I will feast on pesto. Everything else? Meh. Not so much.

Do you enjoy gardening? What are some of your greatest successes?


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