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Insights into Insight by Terron James

Insight by Terron James

Insight by Terron James

Before I begin my review, I have a confession to make: I didn’t like The Lord of the Rings. So, I suspect that I am not exactly the target audience for this book. However, there were many things that I liked — and fans of this genre would love — about Insight by Terron James.

Insight is the story of seventeen-year-old Lon Marcs who discovers he is the first Beholder born in over a millennium. He struggles as he learns to control the gift of True Sight, and he fears it is killing him with each passing day. He discovers that the only person who might be able to help him is a scholar who lives among the sworn enemies of his king. Lon journeys into exile, leaving behind his village, family and Kaylen, his betrothed. Once he has learned to control the power of True Sight, he must decide if he will return to his home and his love or use his abilities to help the rebels who have captured his sympathy.

Terron creates a vivid world with rich culture and politics. I especially liked the contrast between the two opposing factions and the values that each cherishes. By realistically showing both sides of the conflict, Terron tests our original assumptions as well as those of his main character.

The romance between Lon and Kaylen is traditional and sweet. I couldn’t help but root for him to return home to her, even while a new loyalty was growing within him. Insight is action-packed with a climactic final battle scene that is bloody and fast-paced. The final scene is a great cliff-hanger that makes you want to get your hands on the next book without detracting from the story itself.

I recommend Insight for those who enjoy fantasy with a lot of action, a little romance and a mythical beast or two.

Insight is currently available in hardback format on Amazon. Look for the e-book version to be available soon.

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