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Introduction to Dressing Your Truth (DYT)

The New (Real) Me with Carol Tuttle

The New (Real) Me with Carol Tuttle

What is wrong with you?

No, seriously, what is wrong with you?

I imagine it doesn’t take you long to come up with your list of “Things That Are Wrong With Me.”

“I’m too fat/I’m too thin.”

“My nose is too big/My boobs are too small.”

“My hair is too curly/My hair is too flat.”

“My eyes are too big/My eyes are too small.”

“My skin is too pale/I have too many freckles.”

“I’m too loud/I’m too quiet.”

“I’m too pushy/I’m a push-over.”

“I’m too childish/I’m too serious.”

“I’m too masculine/I’m too feminine.”

What if I told you that you’re mistaken? There is nothing wrong with you at all. In fact, many of those things that you think are flaws are actually your natural gifts.

We’ve been taught by society that we need to fit a certain standard of beauty. We’ve been taught that we need to fit our behavior into a certain mold. The problem is that society wants us to fit into circular holes, but we’re all squares or triangles or trapezoids.

That’s the whole point of Dressing Your Truth (DYT).

DYT isn’t like those systems where an expert tells you which colors look best on you. It’s much more than that. It’s an energy profiling system developed by Carol Tuttle.

Carol believes that each of us is a combination of four energies:

Type 1: Air. Light, upward movement

Type 2: Water. Soft, flowing movement

Type 3: Fire. Dynamic, forward movement

Type 4: Earth. Reflective, still movement

Although we express all of these energies, we lead with one dominant energy. Knowing what our dominant energy is can really explain a lot. All those things we were shamed for as children, all those idiosyncrasies, suddenly make sense. They’re a part of you, and they’re not flaws — they’re wonderful.

As I mentioned previously, when I first discovered DYT, I thought I was a Type 4. In reality, I didn’t feel safe living in my true energy. There were deep childhood wounds that I needed to address. Discovering that I was really a Type 3 during my makeover was truly a shock. After my initial panic, I’m learning to embrace my true self and allow myself to simply be me. And I look hot doing it!

You don’t have to Dress Your Truth to live your truth. Simply being aware of your natural energy can help you stop shaming yourself and start loving and accepting yourself more. However, Dressing Your Truth supports the natural expression of your true nature, and it enhances your natural beauty. Plus, well, it just feels good!

If you’d like to learn more, you can discover your energy type at www.dyt.liveyourtruth.com.

If you do, tell me: What type are you?

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