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Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

Middle Grade is a rough time for readers. It seems like that’s when a lot of kids lose interest in reading. If we want to be able to compete with Facebook and video games, we need to have books that will hold their attention.

The Janitors series of books does just that. With engaging characters, monsters, and fast-paced action, it keeps kids turning pages.

Book one begins at Welcher Elementary. Twelve-year-old Spencer Zumbro, with the help of his classmate Daisy Gullible Gates, must fight with and against a secret, janitorial society that wields wizard-like powers. Who can Spencer and Daisy trust and how will they protect their school and possibly the world?

In the second book, janitors with wizard-like powers continue their battle. Spencer, Daisy, and even Dez must fight to save schools everywhere. Toxites, the small creatures that love to feed on the brain waves of students, are just the beginning of their troubles. The Bureau of Educational Maintenance (BEM) is after Spencer, and the Rebels hope to sneak him to safety within the walls of an elite private school. But danger follows Spencer and his friends, testing their loyalty and trust as well as their Toxite-fighting skills. Can they hold out long enough to discover the true secret of New Forest Academy and what it means to the future of education?

Finally, in book three, a secret society of Janitors with wizard-like powers continue their battle, and now, the stakes are even higher. The Bureau of Educational Maintenance is after Alan Zumbro and this time they mean business deadly business. Spencer, Daisy, and their little team of rebels must find the source of all magical Glop and destroy it before it can destroy the world as we know it. No small task with the BEM and their monster toxites at their heels. It s a wild and dangerous ride as they follow the trail of clues all the way to the hiding place of the mysterious aurans: guardians of a secret landfill. What they discover there will change the way Spencer sees himself, not to mention the fate of the rebels.

I appreciated the Janitors not only for the wild ride but also for the values it encourages. Kids will learn to tell the truth, appreciate their friends, and trust their parents when they really need help. Janitors is a fun book series that middle grade kids would enjoy reading.

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