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Lab Notes

Empathy Project Lab Notes photo courtesy of lillieinthecity

Empathy Project Lab Notes
photo courtesy of lillieinthecity

Biomedical Innovations Center

Effects of Recidivism in Death Row Populations: Preliminary Research to Determine Biomedical Interventions

Dr. David Sakks, Principal Research Scientist

Lab Notes

Date May 16, 2023

Grant approved. Death row inmates currently 10,379, more than tripled in the last decade. Focusing on California, the state with the largest number, currently 2,367. Excellent population size for the study.

Phase 1: Initial interviews with inmates. Primary focus on those with prior convictions. Janice Turley, Criminal Psychologist, lead. Team of 15 criminal psychologists, reporting directly to her. Estimated date of completion, January 31, 2024.

Phase 2: Compile data. Myself, lead. Janice Turley, second. Team of 15 data analysts, reporting to Janice, who will report directly to me. Looking for patterns of thought and causation. Estimated date of completion, August 31, 2026.

Phase 3: Identify candidates representative of the “typical” death-row inmate. Target: 25. Follow-up interviews with those identified. Myself, lead. Janice Turley, second. No team this time; time to get our hands dirty ourselves. Estimated date of completion, April 30, 2027.

Phase 4: Determine what, if any, biomedical interventions are possible to limit or eliminate recidivism in violent criminals. Final report, April 30, 2028.

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I have an idea for a novel, and I decided to try something new. Instead of outlining or “pantsing,” I decided to explore my ideas through flash fiction. My initial stories are world-building, back story that tells how The Empathy Project came into existence. Following that, I’ll discover my characters and their history

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