May 28

Little Nani – Guest Post by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Little Nani by Cinta Garcia de la RosaToday I would like to welcome Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, author of the children’s book, Little Nani.

“Little Nani is a story about making friends. Who was your best friend growing up? Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share about your adventures together? How have your friendships influenced you while writing this book?”

Little Nani by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Little Nani by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Hello, Shelli. Those are good questions indeed. But they are a bit tricky too. I didn’t have a normal childhood, so I didn’t have a best friend until I was 12. My best friend’s name is María José and she was 17 when I met her. And I am happy to say that we are still best friends now, when I am 35 and she is 40. She is more than a friend. She is a sister to me and I would be lost without her. Our friendship hasn’t really influenced my writing of the Little Nani stories, but we have lots of funny anecdotes. I guess I can tell you one of those funny things that used to happen to us.

I already told the funny story about our discovery of an ostrich farm in our town when Little Nani and I visited C L Raven’s blog last week. Today I will share another funny story.

My friend Mari and I have always loved going out of our town to have long walks in the countryside. It was a summer day and we decided to go for a walk at around 8 pm, taking into account that before that time it was horribly hot and it wouldn’t be dark until at least 10.30 pm. So, we had plenty of time. We took our little backpacks with our water bottles and started walking. That day we decided to go in a different direction to the one we used to walk almost every day, and that proved to be a bad idea…

We had been walking for more than half an hour when, suddenly, we heard something. It was a faint sound and we couldn’t figure out what it was. So we went on walking and chatting. Twenty minutes later we heard that sound again. And that time we knew what was making the sound. It was the sound of a cowbell! The kind of cowbell worn by bulls! And bulls are not nice. They attack if they see people around. So there we were, in the middle of the country, hearing several bulls approaching, and we got desperate. What could we do? We remembered that we had seen a tree somewhere behind us, so we retraced our steps at full speed and got to the tree. We climbed up the tree (don’t ask me how because I don’t remember how I managed to do it) and waited for the bulls to appear and go away.

The sound of the cowbells was getting louder and louder. Very soon we would be able to see them. Louder and louder. And then we saw the source of the sound… Two boys riding a bicycle! They were carrying cowbells in their bikes! They rode past us, looked at us, and started laughing. I am sure that we looked quite ridiculous up the tree, but better safe than sorry, don’t you think so?

Thanks, Shelli, for hosting Little Nani and me today on your blog.

Author Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Author Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

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