May 21

Marriage Isn’t for You by Seth Adam Smith

What is the best marriage advice you ever received?

Marriage Isn't for You by Seth Adam Smith

Marriage Isn’t for You by Seth Adam Smith

Seth Adam Smith’s blog post, “Marriage Isn’t for You” went viral last year and became an online phenomenon, read by 30 million people worldwide. The post certainly captured readers’ attention and was featured on several national TV programs including The Today Show. While the title alone is loaded enough to cause a wide variety of individuals to read it, it’s what’s inside that will really surprise you.

Seth’s father offered the best advice on marriage that was both shocking and revelatory. He said, “Marriage isn’t for you. It’s about the person you marry.” These few words completely changed the way Seth looked at his relationship with his wife — because at that moment, he realized that an expression of love isn’t about the person expressing it. Rather, it’s about the person they choose to be with.

“Truly, love and marriage isn’t for you. It’s for others.” — Seth Adam Smith

Now released as a hardcover book, Marriage Isn’t for You features full-color photographs paired with the message Seth Adam Smith shared. The beautiful keepsake book provides the perfect gift for newly married couples, those who have been around the block a few times, or anyone who wants to learn how to make their relationships stronger.

Marriage Isn’t for You is available at DeseretBook.com, Amazon.com (affiliate link), and bookstores near you.

My Review:

I remember reading Smith’s blog post when it went viral on Facebook. Although I’ve been married over 25 years, I still found his insight moving and inspiring. From personal experience, I know that selfishness is the cause of most, if not all, of the problems in marriage. The advice offered in this book helps couples to remember the importance of putting their spouse’s needs first. The accompanying photos are beautiful and emphasize the message. This book is an excellent keepsake that would make a great gift for newlyweds and long-timers alike.

About the Author:

Seth Adam Smith was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Since 2004, he has produced videos and articles for businesses, nonprofit organizations, youth groups, artists, and political causes. He is the editor-in-chief of ForwardWalking.com. He and his wife, Kim, live in Florida.

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