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Putting Christ Back Into Christmas

What Can I Give the King?

Merrilee Boyack suggests traditions, activities, and devotionals to create a Christ-Centered Christmas.

12 Gifts for Christ by Merrilee Boyack

12 Gifts for Christ by Merrilee Boyack

Too often, December is dominated by a mental checklist of responsibilities. Time is spent preparing the perfect Christmas for family and friends, but when the jobs are done, has the season been a true success?

The inspiration for Merrilee Boyack’s new book, 12 Gifts for Christ, resulted from the same question. While she enjoyed checking off her responsibilities, Boyack said she felt something was missing from her family’s yearly celebrations.

At Christmastime, I think about Jesus and the gifts that He brought to me, and I have a great desire to give something back to Him,” she said. “But what can I give? What could I give to Him, the creator of the universe?”

The answer came in the form of ideas for twelve gifts to give to Christ, including the gift of gratitude, the gift of obedience, the gift of forgiveness, the gift of a healing balm, and the gift of joy.

Each of the twelve chapters contains a personal devotional with suggestions for application to everyday life. Boyack’s goal is to find ways for each family to personally enjoy more than the material blessings of Christmas by giving more to the Savior during the season and throughout the year.

12 Gifts for Christ is available at Deseret Book and other select retailers.


As a mother of six children, I too have struggled to find ways to make Christmas more focused on Christ. Since Christmas is Jesus’s birthday, it makes sense to try to find ways to give Him gifts this time of year. This book not only gives suggestions for having a Christ-centered Christmas, but it also gives ideas for drawing closer to our Savior throughout the year.

The book is very versatile. Each chapter has a suggestion for personal study, family devotional, and family home evening. It also has a couple of simple activities specifically for Christmas. Some of the suggestions sparked ideas of my own. The format is perfect for a “Twelve Days of Christmas” countdown.

I’m looking forward to implementing these ideas with my family this Christmas season. I also believe that the personal study ideas will help me to personally become closer to my Savior as well. I think it will help us to enjoy a more spiritual and meaningful Christmas this year. I think that I will want to make this a new Christmas tradition.

About the author:

Merrilee Boyack is an estate-planning attorney who conducts her practice from home. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in business management-finance, and from the University of Santa Clara Law School. Merrilee is also a professional lecturer, featured for many years at BYU Education Week, and a published author. Her interests include reading, camping, talking, eating, and helping children in Africa. She and her husband, Steve, live in Utah.

Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set

Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set

Another way to make your Christmas more Christ-centered is to include these beautiful ornaments. You can create a Christ-focused holiday tradition as you review the sacred names of the Savior. You can display these antique pewter-finish ornaments on the tree, as gift tags, or adorning a wreath on the front door. A list of scripture references is included. It is a 12-piece set of 3¼” x 3¼” ornaments. Hooks and twine are not included.


The ornaments are substantial but not too heavy to hang on your tree. I would have preferred to have the name on one side and the scripture on the other for easy reference. You may want to write the accompanying scriptures down somewhere safe, in case you lose the box.

The ornaments are perfect for including in your “Twelve Days of Christmas” countdown. You could also use them for a family home evening lesson by giving your children an ornament and having them search the scriptures to find the reference on their own.

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