Sep 27





I’m saved from talking by the bullet-proof, glass partition that separates me from The Suit. I’m not one for chit chat. Not that I wouldn’t like to ask a few questions. I have a million of them. I sigh, leaning back and sinking into the worn leather of the seat. I stare out the shaded window, not noticing the houses, the tree-lined streets as we pass by. I’ll get answers soon enough. And I might not like it.

I play with the wristband of my Personal Information Device. Government issue is crap. Nothing like the iPID I got for Christmas last year. That thing had incredible graphics, voice recognition, and full-size holographic capabilities. My girlfriend looked so real, I could have reached out and grabbed a boob.

They swapped that unit for this P.O.S. the day my dad was arrested. Some guy in a black robe and a thing for little hammers decided that we had “materially benefited” from Dad’s activity, and therefore, we were fair game. Of course, my iPID didn’t have remote-controlled taser capability, with enough juice to incapacitate me completely. And I could remove it at night. This chunky baby isn’t going anywhere without the proper code. Which they did not give to me.

I play Solitaire, one of the few programs not disabled on the unit, hoping to pass the time. After an hour, the sedan pulls up in front of an old brownstone building. My heart pulses as I read the sign on the building: Fairfax County Police Department.

I’ve wanted to be a police officer since Jenny Falcomb’s dad came to our Kindergarten class for Career Day. I had been planning to enter the academy after graduation, but Dad’s little problem screwed all of that up. Is it possible that this is where I’ll be serving my sponsorship?

* * *

Today’s prompt: “I wish I could invent…” I took a scene from my short story, Blood and Roses. I thought it was a fun follow-up to Gabrielle Arrowsmith’s guest post about futuristic technology.


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  1. Nikki McBride Spencer

    I like this one a lot. iPID. Yeah.

    1. Shelli Proffitt Howells

      Thanks, Nikki! 🙂

  2. John Wiswell

    While it was natural to presume “The Suit” was an agent of authority, it was much funnier to imagine it being a suit of cards, set up by your lead-in image!

    1. Shelli Proffitt Howells

      Haha! I love unintended coincidences like that!

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