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Jul 18

Artist Date: Into the Wilds

Artist Date: Into the Wilds To finish off my 12 weeks of The Artist’s Way, I treated myself to an extended artist date. My husband drove me into the wilds to his family’s cabin at what is fondly known as “The Ranch.” The weather was beautiful, and I was surrounded by wildlife. Robins hopped around …

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May 30

Artist Date: Crystal Journal

Artist Date: Crystal Journal To go along with my rock tumbling artist date, this week I created a crystal journal. The reason I originally purchased all these rocks wasn’t just because they were pretty. I was interested in their healing properties. However, I soon discovered that I had a hard time remembering which stones were …

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May 23

Artist Date: Finding Nemo

Artist Date: Finding Nemo Week 7 of The Artist’s Way is all about learning how to take risks. With that in mind, I decided to watch one of my favorite films, Finding Nemo. Oh, Marlin. I get you. I totally do. Marlin is haunted by the past and worried about the future. His love for …

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May 13

Artist Date: Tea Dying and Bleaching

Artist Date: Tea Dying and Bleaching One of the important aspects of Dressing Your Truth (DYT) is choosing the right colors to wear for your type. After I learned that I was a Type 3, I had a panicking realization: I had NO Type 3 clothes! Thankfully, a friend gave me a suggestion for what …

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May 04

Artist Date: Mandala

Artist Date: Mandala For my artist date this week, I chose to create a mandala. A mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. The design grows out of the urge to know oneself and one’s place in the cosmos. So, in theory, creating a mandala would help me figure …

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Apr 25

Artist Date: Rock Tumbling

For this week’s Artist Date, I tumbled rocks. Since the New Year, I’ve been exploring different healing modalities. One of the things that attracted me was healing crystals. Do they work? I don’t know, but they look pretty, even in their rough form. The first thing I did was go online and order a variety …

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Apr 18

Gardening: Take Two

For this week’s Artist Date, I decided to get a start on my garden. Last year’s garden was a complete fail, but I learned a few things. I’m going to keep it simple and focus on just a few crops. I’m planting a three sisters garden: corn, pole beans, and zucchini. The theory is that …

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