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Jun 03

Beg For Your Life

Beg For Your Life I don’t know who my kidnappers are. One is male, one is female, I can tell that much at least. I don’t recognize their voices. They’re just two opportunists with guns wearing dark clothes and ski masks over their heads. Like some bad crime drama from the 90s. The woman is …

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May 27

I Am The Best

Well, of course, I’m the best candidate for the job, you know. First of all, I’m really funny. Hilarious, actually. I can make you pee your pants if I set my mind to it. What? Oh, no, no, I’m not doing it right now. I just said that I could if I wanted to. I …

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Feb 26

Five Years to Live

I lie in the bathtub, running warm water over my naked body. I try to calm my breathing, imagining myself sinking into the warmth and simply drifting away. I clutch a razor blade in my hand. It has been sitting in the medicine cabinet, lying flat against the shelf, unnoticed by anyone but me, for …

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Jun 04

Silence by Deborah Lytton

Stella is a vivacious teen with a deep yearning to become an accomplished Broadway musical star. Her dreams are shattered when a freak accident renders her deaf. Struggling mightily to communicate in a world of total silence, she meets Hayden who has such a pronounced stutter she can easily read his lips because he speaks …

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Oct 10

Reap What You Sow

Brenda checked her watch for the seventeenth time since they arrived at the pumpkin patch. “Good grief, this kid is taking forever,” she said into the mouthpiece of her cell phone. She watched Dallin pick up a perfectly good pumpkin, wrinkle his nose, and put it back down again as Cami offered her condolences on …

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Oct 03

Postcards from Mortimer

Death was Amelie’s best friend. She called him Mortimer. Of course, her parents thought he was just an imaginary friend, but he was real enough. They had wonderful adventures together. He taught her how to climb trees and reach the outermost branches and to ride her tricycle down the driveway and into the street with …

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Sep 19

Good Luck

Jimmy found a weathered penny lying on the ground, face up. “See a penny, Pick it up, All that day You’ll have good luck.” He was a superstitious kind of guy, so he stooped, took the penny in his hand, and slipped it in his pocket. It had been a long time since Jimmy had …

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