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Oct 03

Postcards from Mortimer

Death was Amelie’s best friend. She called him Mortimer. Of course, her parents thought he was just an imaginary friend, but he was real enough. They had wonderful adventures together. He taught her how to climb trees and reach the outermost branches and to ride her tricycle down the driveway and into the street with …

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Sep 26


I remember walks on the beach with my dad. The tide was always lowest in the early morning. The ocean receded to expose a trove of treasures strewn across the wet sand. I carried my plastic sand bucket in hand, ready for my collections. I ran ahead, almost getting lost in the marine layer mist, …

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Sep 19

Good Luck

Jimmy found a weathered penny lying on the ground, face up. “See a penny, Pick it up, All that day You’ll have good luck.” He was a superstitious kind of guy, so he stooped, took the penny in his hand, and slipped it in his pocket. It had been a long time since Jimmy had …

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Sep 12

Letters from Lovers

Gladys sat in her rocking chair, letting the blanket she was knitting fall across her knees. Henry jumped into her lap, pushing his furry head between her and her project. He tried to bat away the ball of yarn, but she caught it before it could roll away. “Is it that time already, Henry?” Gladys …

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Jan 17

One Last Kill

I stand in the corner of the execution chamber, unnoticed, unseen. Through the glass window, I see the mothers. His sits on the right side, alone between two empty chairs. Theirs sits on the left, all three chairs occupied. All of the mothers look gray and weary, old before their time. He shuffles in, wearing …

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Jan 10

The Sunny Side

Winter lasts too damn long, James thought as he pulled on his overcoat, gloves and galoshes just to go get the mail. He looked around as he trudged towards the mailbox — gray. Everything was gray. The sky was gray, the barren trees were gray, the dirty buildings were gray, and the snow under his …

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Nov 15

Siren Assassin

I am a mercenary, an outcast among my own people, a siren assassin who sparks fear even in the hearts of those who hire me. The king informs me that his only daughter, his pearl, Princess Kim, has been kidnapped by pirates. The king’s fleet followed, of course, but lost sight of their ship when …

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