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Feb 24

New and Improved!

Someone needed a facelift. No, it wasn’t me! Sheesh. Actually, it was more a someTHING than a someONE. My website! You may have noticed: The bright colors of my new theme. Even though I sometimes write darkly, I didn’t think my website needed to have such a maudlin feel. Mobile-friendly. I had no idea my …

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May 27

Audacious Advice

“The articles selected for this book are the most popular blog posts from Positive Writer and many other bloggers blogging on the Craft of writing. “This is not your typical book. The work is down-to-earth in a way that is refreshing, encouraging and ultimately, we hope, inspiring. ” (Excerpt. Introduction: The Magnificent Art of Writing) …

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Apr 24

I Write Like Salvador Dali

In A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway talks about how the painter Cézanne influenced his writing. Hemingway took what he learned from the colors, the brushstrokes, and the focus of Cézanne’s paintings and applied it to his own early works. I thought about choosing an artist to model my writing after. Then, I realized, I’ve already …

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Oct 16

Finding Beauty in a Low Vision World

Today, we welcome author Amy Bovaird as our guest. Amy has a unique look on beauty and how we perceive it. Thank you for sharing your story, Amy! I’m losing my vision. Sometimes when I look around and attempt to figure out what I’m not seeing, it confuses me. Anything above my elbow and below …

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Oct 13

The Del Mar Fair

Try this: Ask your muse what she wants to write about today. Then write. My muse wants me to write about the Del Mar Fair. ~ ~ ~ Once upon a time, the San Diego Fair was called the Del Mar Fair. Because it was located in Del Mar. Makes sense, right? I’m not quite …

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Oct 10

Reap What You Sow

Brenda checked her watch for the seventeenth time since they arrived at the pumpkin patch. “Good grief, this kid is taking forever,” she said into the mouthpiece of her cell phone. She watched Dallin pick up a perfectly good pumpkin, wrinkle his nose, and put it back down again as Cami offered her condolences on …

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Oct 09

Secret Lies

Try this writing exercise from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg: Take a poetry book (or look online). Open to any page, grab a line, write it down, and continue from there. Every time you get stuck, just rewrite your line and keep going. My attempt is from Maya Angelou’s poem, Phenomenal Woman. Pretty …

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