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This Is Jesus with artwork by J. Kirk Richards

This Is Jesus with artwork by J. Kirk Richards

This Is Jesus with artwork by J. Kirk Richards

The life of the Savior is portrayed in stunning fine art pieces by award-winning artist J. Kirk Richards. These striking new images were created by the artist exclusively for this book. Accompanied by a harmonized account of the Savior’s ministry, Atonement, and Resurrection, these exquisite paintings reflect a deep reverence for Christ’s mission and sacrifice. Each page is beautifully designed to complement the unique style of the artist. A perfect reminder of the true reason we celebrate the Easter season, this handsome volume will be treasured by the entire family for years to come.

My Review:

I love exposing my children to beautiful art. I also love to teach them about the Savior. This book does both. It tells the Easter Story with beautiful and evocative illustrations. Each image is accompanied by a scripture reference. It begins with Christ teaching the sermon on the mount, continues through his suffering in Gethsemane, crucifixion, and resurrection, and finishes with his ascension and promise to return. The book is simple, poignant, and powerful.

This Is Jesus would be an excellent book to share with your children during family home evening at any time of the year, but especially as you approach Easter. You could also read it Easter morning to help your family focus on the true meaning of the holiday.

About the Author:

The award-winning artwork of J. Kirk Richards has been featured in galleries across the United States and in various exhibits, publications, and documentary films. His work is highly sought after by collectors (eleven of the seventeen original paintings for this book sold within 24 hours). He has studied with many notable artists, including an apprenticeship with Swiss-born symbolist Patrick Devonas. Kirk and his family reside in Woodland Hills, Utah

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