Sep 10

Write-A-Thon, Here I Come

I’m always looking for a good kick in the pants to help me stick to my writing goals. It looks like Britney has just the thing for me.

The October Madness Write-a-Thon is a six day challenge hosted by Britney Gulbrandsen. It will run from 12:01 AM Monday, October 7th until 11:59 PM Saturday, October 12 in whatever time zone you are in. This write-a-thon is meant to be fun. It’s a personal challenge to push yourself to write more than you normally would, no matter how much or how little that is. Any type of writing is allowed: brainstorming, fiction, articles, blogging, book reviews, journaling, editing, etc. Writing sprints, twitter chats, challenges, and giveaways will accompany the write-a-thon, but all are optional. Please visit www.britneygulbrandsen.com for more details.

October Madness

October Madness

Who’s going to join me? (P.S. There’s still time to enter my giveaway here.)

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